Deionized water

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  • MADE IN USA: BISupply | Deionized Water Type 2 Jug is bottled in the heart of America in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to ensure a trusted, high-quality production and performance; Do not drink - Deionized water is not intended for human consumption
  • EXPERIENCE COMPLETE WATER PURITY: Type II (2) chemical that is purer than distilled water for when tap or distilled water may have negative effects due to low purity level; Nearly all mineral ions are removed from this deionized water by exchanging hydrogen and hydroxide ions in uniquely manufactured ion resins for dissolved minerals and then recombining to form water; Purified by reverse osmosis and treated with a UV light system to kill any existing bacteria; Not distilled
  • PERFECT AMOUNT: 128 ounces (1 gallon) of deionized water bottled inside a standard 1-gallon (5.7x5.7x10 inch / 14.5x14.5x25.4 cm) clear plastic jug with built-in handle and resealable plastic twist-top lid that is not too small for your application and not too bulky for storage
  • GET THE JOB DONE: For laboratory and industrial applications such as preventing dirt and grim built-up on industrial machinery, keeping medical devices and equipment from overheating, cleaning instruments and preventing contamination during lab tests to ensure accurate results, and can even be used as a fire extinguisher as it has low conductivity to prevent electrical equipment damage; Use for car engines to increase service lifespan of lead-acid car batteries or engine coolant systems
  • USE IN YOUR HOME: When mixed with other products, our deionized water can be easily used for cleaning household objects that are corroded or need a deep clean, from garage and yardwork application tools to washing machines and even vinyl records; Fill your fish tank aquarium with this deionized water to prevent unwanted algae; Use to water fluoride-sensitive houseplants in regions where most water supplies are fluoridated - The possibilities are endless