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It’s important to stay refreshed and hydrated no matter where you are! Water helps keep us energized, boosts brain power, elevates your mood, also improves the function of the immune system and kidneys, prevents both headaches and backaches, and even helps promote healthy weight management and weight loss while flushing out toxins. 

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Our Single Serve bottles

Water Bottles Sioux Falls

Our 16 Oz. Bottle

Our single serve 16 oz. water bottles are perfect for when you’re on the go. Never leave the house or office without one! It’s important to stay refreshed and hydrated no matter where you are.


Water in Sioux Falls

Introducing Our 64 Oz. Bottle

Experts have long recommended a daily intake of 64 ounces of water. Dakota Splash now bottles our delicious, filtered water in handy 64 oz. bottles that include a grip handle and a label that breaks down your daily 64 into manageable increments so you can see how you're doing throughout the day. 

Your Daily Dakota Splash Now Available in Sioux Falls at:

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